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Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade

Nach 26 Jahren: Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride & Brian Blade vereinigen sich für neues Album

Vor 26 Jahren veröffentlicht das New Yorker Joshua Redman Quartet "MoodSwing", ein sofortiger Klassiker, der für jedes der Bandmitglieder (Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride & Brian Blade) den Kickstart einer internationalen Karriere markierte.

Das neue Album "RoundAgain" enthält sieben neue Kompositionen: drei von Redman, zwei von Mehldau und eine von McBride und Blade.

Das Joshua Redman Quartet blieb damals ungefähr anderthalb Jahre zusammen. "I realized almost immediately that this band wouldn’t  stay together for very long", erinnert sich Redman. "They were without a doubt, for our generation, among the most accomplished and innovative on their respective instruments. They were already all in such high demand—everyone wanted to play with them! And they all had such strong and charismatic musical personalities—destined to start soon pursuing their own independent visions. I knew better than anyone else just how incredibly lucky I was to have even that short time with them."

In den darauffolgenden Dekaden spielten die Künstler in unterschiedlichen Konstellationen immer wieder zusammen, doch eine offizielle Reunion erfolgte erst heute. "I knew it would happen, but I didn’t  know when”, so Redman. "We would have done it ten  years ago if it were up to me", betont Brad  Mehldau. "Josh, Christian, and Brian are all my heroes.  It’s like playing with The Avengers."

Blade fügt hinzu: "This band is like a turntable where the stylus was lifted but the turntable is still spinning. We just had to drop the needle, and there we were with all of the information we had gathered.  It has gotten deeper because of life itself, and because Joshua, Brad, and Christian plumb the depths every day." Und McBride schwärmt: "These guys have grown exponentially. They are super-monsters now, and playing with them gave me a hard look at myself. And when you’re intimate creating art, even if you don’t play together for twenty  years, you only need two bars to realize what the feeling is about, because the feeling never leaves."

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